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Wind power system introduction with 2V4000AH lithium battery type

Wind power system introduction with 2V4000AH lithium battery typeBattery pack

Like the battery pack in the independent photovoltaic system, the same role is used, and the energy storage is no wind, and there is no sunlight.


In a scenery complementary power generation system, the controller mainly includes a wind power control system, a photovoltaic control system, and a battery charge and discharge controller. They are mainly based on the charging status of the battery to control the operational mode and opening of the wind turbine, solar cell power generation, thereby ensuring the normal power supply of the load and the safe operation of the various parts of the system.


The inverter is not marked in the system block diagram, which outputs the direct current obtained by the wind turbine output transform, and the solar battery array output and battery discharge converted into an alternating current required to load. The main circuit of the inverter is composed of high-power transistors, using a string pulse width modulation, strong anti-interference ability, and the three-phase load imbalance can reach 0-100%, and there is a strong overload and current limiting protection.

Blocking diode

The role is also to prevent the battery from discharge through the solar cell when there is no sun.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Environmental Protection Department on September 7 that in order to implement the rectification of central environmental inspections, the province established the rectification work leading group, the provincial party secretary, and the leader of the leader. The leading group office has trained 13 staff in the provincial and reform committee, provincial landmen, Provincial Environmental Protection, etc., responsible for rectifying task decomposition, supervising implementation, dispatch coordination, and on-site supervision. At present, the province has initially formed "1 + 16 + 16" rectification plan system. Central Environmental Protection Inspector Anhui Province Remembering Work Leading Group is responsible for organizing coordination, overall promotion and supervising implementation, under the comprehensive coordination group (office), rectifying the supervision team, responsible investigation group, information disclosure and promotional team, etc. Composition and job responsibilities.

Nanjing Xiahua battery capacity hourly rate: 1HR, 2HR, 3HR, 5HR, 8HR, 10HR, 20HR, 100HR

The application of the wind turbine in the network environment requires the battery, and the total capacity of the battery pack is calculated as follows: total capacity = (total power power ¡Á 1.67 per day ¡Á 1.67) ¡Â The battery pack voltage. In practical applications, the voltage of the battery pack needs to be consistent with the rated output DC voltage of the wind turbine. The total power of the electric equipment is 800W, the electric power generator power is 1000W, the rated voltage is 48V, and the theoretical total capacity of the storage battery = (6 ¡Á 800 ¡Á 1.67) ¡Â 48 = 167ah. In the actual configuration, it should be slightly larger than the calculated value, because the battery should be completely discharged, thus selecting a 200AH48V battery, or a battery of 100AH24V is used in series. However, a larger battery should not be configured to prevent the battery due to a long time floating or full of life.

Battery configuration description:

1. The battery must be placed in a dry room temperature, placing the battery's surrounded by spacious and ventilated, determines the total number of batteries in series, and then designed to place the battery and controller, the inverter holder.

2. Connect the battery in series, the specific method is: the positive electrode of the first battery picks up the negative electrode of the second battery, and is pushed.

3. Apply all the wiring headers to oil or other anti-corrosion materials, and install the fuse positive in the battery; in order to avoid electromagnetic interference, the connection wire between the battery and the controller should be shorter than 3 meters.

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