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Why is the battery discharge current, the smaller the output capacity

Why is the battery discharge current, the smaller the output capacityThe two-pole active substances generate PBSO 4 when the battery is discharged. Its generating process is to penetrate from the outside of the plate to the interior. With large current discharge, the surface active material of the plate quickly produces a layer of PBSO 4. It is a coarse crystallization, blocking the micropores in the active substance body, the electrolyte is difficult to function with the active material in the deep layer, exerting the effectiveness of the performance (reducing the battery capacity), the larger the discharge current, the smaller the capacity . In addition, the larger the discharge current, the larger the internal voltage drop, the solar termination voltage is low, the sooner the time when the voltage is terminated, the shorter the time, the smaller the capacity. Different discharge current battery capacity percentage.

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