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Why do you need to modify a forklift into an AGV

Why do you need to modify a forklift into an AGVWhether you are manageing a warehouse or a particular section of a production line, your primary goal is to move the product from the A point to the B through a safe and effective way. Moreover, you are likely to rely on forklifts and workers to carry products. If so, you must continue to browse and learn about the benefits of modifying the forklift into an automatic guide (AGV). Forklift battery
If you are still using artificial forklifts, your material handling efficiency will be restricted. By almost unlimited customization options and minimal investment, you can automate your forklift and:
Reduce on-site injury
Built-in security protocols and sensors prevent hazardous events from occurring without affecting other traffic.
save resources
Unmanned handling operations can optimize human resources.
Optimize energy utilization
Material handling can be performed without light and no temperature regulation.
cut costs
Always, repeatable material handling can greatly reduce the loss of products, materials and venues.
Safety first
Although the necessary training and certification increase the safety of the forklift, there is still a lot of accidents. According to statistics, there are 100 workers in the accident in the forklift every year, and 20,000 are seriously injured. By integrating security into the automated forklift, the incidence of accidents can be greatly reduced.
Better human management
Technical boosts can be referred to as a truly efficient facility, in particular when the distance between A to B in the workplace is longer or relating to complex navigation.
Energy and environment
Automated forklifts can work in a cold and hot weather, as well as areas where light is very poor and no light. Moreover, automated forklifts can also reduce the exhaust emissions and noise in the factory. All these factors help workers create a better working environment and reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, and support the clean environment.
A good decision

In terms of security and efficiency, automation modification will be a good decision, but the most important thing is that it is also a financial decision. However, due to the low daily operating cost, including lower preventive maintenance costs and repair costs, their return on investment is usually 1-2 years.

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