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Which factors have caused fluctuations in electric bursting motor battery voltage

Which factors have caused fluctuations in electric bursting motor battery voltageThe battery is an important part of the electric forklift motor, providing a continuous power of the source, if there is a problem in this part, which will affect the overall use, which is caused by the cause of the problem in this area?
First, the effect of resting charge on the electric battery of the electric forklift: Since the electrolyte of the electric forklift motor battery is an organic liquid, then the lithium metal is very lively, the battery must be sealed. Battery almost no gas is generated under normal charge and discharge conditions, even if the battery is in a bureaucratic floating state, the battery does not produce higher pressure. In addition, the spare power of the communication base station is in a floating state for a long time, and for the intermittent floating of the battery, its voltage is around 3.65 V long term.
Second, the effect of temperature on the electric forklift motor pool: The temperature pair affects a small amount of lead-acid batteries, especially in the case of discharge. Temperature characteristics of two batteries of the same specification, lithium iron phosphate cells are 20% higher than the sealing valve lead-acid battery capacity. Due to the electrochemical characteristics of the lithium iron phosphate material itself, the low temperature charging performance of the battery is slightly poor, and the charge temperature requirement is higher than 0 ¡ã C, otherwise the non-reversible capacity of the battery will rise as the temperature is lowered.

The stability of the battery voltage plays an important role in the use of the electric forklift motor, and only the influencing factors are found, and the disease is subject to the problem.

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