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What is battery rack

Author :Geerady - Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers  what is battery rack The modular battery racking system can be specified to accommodate any battery cell. From flooded to sealed, from lead-acid to nickel-cadmium, from vertical to horizontal mounting, a high density, space-saving rack can be provisioned. Exponential Power can size an appropriate battery rack system for your application.   Types of Battery Racks We offer several kinds of battery racks: · Standard Battery Racks Standard Battery Racks Standard Battery Racking System Exponential Power modular rack system can be specified to accommodate any battery cell or jar. From flooded to sealed, from lead-acid to nickel-cadmium, from vertical to horizontal mounting, a high density, space-saving rack can be provisioned. Standard Racks for Any Stationary Batteries These racks have been designed for all types of stationary battery models. These easy-to-use racks are strong, flexible and acid-proof. All Exponential Power racks: are epoxy coated with a rubberized coating on the runners easily bolt together making installation or alteration possible allow for the retrofit or removal of spill containment systems Because Exponential Power battery racks are built in modular sections, they are easily assembled and modified.     · Seismic Battery Racks Seismic Battery Racks Zone 1 - 4 Racks Most Available from Stock Exponential Power has many different seismic rack designs available to meet almost all seismic rack requirements. We offer Adjustable racks Racks designed specifically for Exponential Power batteries Racks that can be used with other manufacturers' batteries Custom-designed racks Racks that require IEEE 693-Annex J Certification Our seismic battery racks are either certified, or built to, Seismic Zone 4 IBC/UBC standards. These earthquake-proof racks for static battery installations are approved for use in California, in earthquake Zone 4 as defined by the Uniform Building Code 1997.   · Relay Rack Systems Relay Racks, Battery Trays and Pre-Wired Systems · Pre-Wired Battery Racks · Battery Racks For 6V/12V VRLA Batteries Racks for 6V & 12V Batteries Between 30 and 225 AH The Exponential Power VRLA racks have adjustable rails allowing them to hold top terminal 6 or 12 volt VRLA batteries ranging from 30 to 225Ah (100 to 800Wpc). The heavy duty, yet light-weight frame makes them easy to move and install.   Features When ordered with batteries includes cables and jumper(s) -Z4 racks seismically certified to Zone 4 UBC standards Powder coated with ASA 61 Gray, corrosion-resistant, epoxy powder All welded construction with 7 GA frame and rails Floor mounting brackets included with all racks Ship pre-assembled for fast installation Adjustable rails with 3" lip · Forklift Battery And Charger Racks And Stands Forklift Battery Stations with Rollers and Charger Stands   Battery Racks & Accessories Narada offers a complete line of standard and seismic racks designed and built exclusively for Narada standby power batteries. Narada battery racks mainly can be divided into three groups: 1. Standard racks for both 48V and high voltage system with cell restraint equipment and electricity insulation. 2. Seismic racks for both 48V and high voltage system are designed to meet Zone 4 requirement, e.g. the Uniform Building Code (UBC), or Bellcore Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) requirement, Telecordia standard. 3. Vertical battery racks are designed for both tubular flooded and gel batteries. The racks comply with IEEE693, NEBS, Telecordia, UBC standards for substations, Telecom, Switchgear and UPS applications. Main concerns and advantages of Narada battery racks: Cell restraint equipment is offered for standard racks to provide shock protection. All shock protected and seismic racks are supplied with anti-static spacers and cell clamps to minimize cell damage caused by an earthquake. For additional protection, all racks can be installed with a rubber coating for electricity insulation in the event of a spill and short circuit.   We are battery Thanks to its flexible features, which meet any type of installation requirements, it is the most functional equipment on the market made of a folded steel plate. It is interesting to note that the upper slots allow placing of the stringers along the whole length of the support shelf to which they will be fixed.   Battery Racks & Enclosures Northern Arizona Wind & Sun carries high-quality racks and enclosures for your batteries. We stock a wide range of sizes to fit your specific needs. We carry racks and enclosures from a number of manufacturers such as Simpliphi, Outback, and Midnite Solar. Shop our selection to find the one that right for your power system.   ADVANTAGES HIGH ENERGY Kokam’s Standard High Energy Rack is comprised of Kokam’s SLPBs which feature high energy density. Due to this feature, our customers and partners can have the same amount of energy with fewer racks. Less footprint and components means a lower cost of ownership.   HIGH POWER Kokam’s Standard High Power Racks can be discharged at a very high C-rate (up to 8C peak). This feature enables optimal space utilization and opens up opportunities for multi-faceted applications   SAFETY Kokam Battery Rack has advanced safety features. Kokam Battery Rack is equipped with multiple layers of protective features for greater confidence and safety. These include fuses, contactors, circuit breakers, and Kokam’s unique BMS system which provides over current, over/under voltage, over/under temperature protection.   Substantial durability for the industrial application The internal components of Kokam Battery Rack is protected with an industrial grade enclosure from harsh environmental conditions. Kokam Battery Rack offers an IP22 level which is designed for resist harsh weather conditions. Kokam Battery Rack is protected against ingress of snow, sleet, and rain. These systems are optimized to overcome override environmental constraints.KEY STRENGTHS High Energy & PowerReliable SafetyHigh DurabilityModular and expandableAPPLICATIONS ESS (Energy Storage System)UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)IndustrialMarineDefense   Applications ‧ Industrial backup power systems. ‧ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ‧ Telecom, Data Center   Feature · Can be paralleled for up to 10 packs (consult factory for more than 10) · Real time monitoring of cell Voltages, module/ branch currents, cell temperatures. · Individual battery branch control for extended availability. · Widely used in industrial backup power systems, UPS, Telecom, Data Center and so on.   About us Owing to our vast experience, we have been successful in catering to the requirements of our esteemed clients by offering quality Battery Rack. All these products are manufactured using high quality material that is sourced from most trusted and reliable vendors after scouring the market. Clients can avail these products from us at market leading rates.