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What happens to appear is to replace the battery

What happens to appear is to replace the battery1. The actual discharge capacity of the battery is less than about 60% of the rated capacity, and there is no obvious increase in maintenance. It may be scrapped. This is due to the battery life, the capacity decreases to 60%, and the components are basically deteriorated. This attenuation has gradually accelerated trend, soon will completely lose charge and discharge capacity.
2, the battery should be charged by charging or discharging, and its housing is severely heated.
The reason for fever is the severe fall of the active substance on the plate, and the lead crystals of irreversible sulfur sulfate have occurred, and the internal resistance increases, and the heat generation is increased. At this time, if you open the battery valve check, you will see the electrolyte black and can't be repaired when it is severely invalid. At this time, the battery is self-discharge, sometimes it is so fast after charging. Severe will make the battery drum, even the battery case, and the line will also be burned.
3, charge for dozens of minutes will charge, there is no electricity for a few hours.
At this time, you will replace the battery and make comprehensive detection of the charger, controller, and line before selecting the battery to ensure that the old original is protected by the new battery.
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