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Welding on the lead plate of the battery pack

Welding on the lead plate of the battery packAs the electricity industry has developed rapidly, the large capacity of the thermal power station, the continuous investment of high-parameter units, the maintenance quality requirements of DC power supplies used in operating systems and accident lighting are also increasing, and each battery pack is large, small repair The welding of the lead plate is required. The following is a little experience in the welding lead plates using oxy-acetylene welding. 1. Preparation (1) Preparation of welding surface is cleaned with gasoline and acetone to wash the oil to remove the welded surface, and rubbed and expose the metal gloss with the 100 sand cloth. If the welded surface is uneven, it is necessary to scrape the dirt of the recess with a doctor blade. (2) Making wires will use waste lead plate or old lead skin

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