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UPS uninterruptible power supply 2V300AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

UPS uninterruptible power supply 2V300AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersFoshan Jinyin River Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Director, Vice President, Vice President, in the ABEC 2019 Forum, the topic of "Lithium Battery Electrode Intelligent Manufacturing Advanced Method", shared the status quo of lithium battery equipment industry, lithium battery industry patents Application and growth, etc.

稂 稂 飞 said that there are several obvious trends in the field of lithium battery equipment this year: lithium power battery production equipment will become the focus of industry development, lithium battery production equipment to integrated development, automated production capacity, replacement of domestic equipment to import equipment The effect is getting more and more obvious.

The gold and silver river mainly produces battery slurry spiral mixing automatic production line, positive and negative positive feed system, mixer, high-speed homogenizing machine, coater, roller pressure strip, and other lithium battery front end automation intelligent equipment.

Second, work measures and responsibilities (1) The energy consumption (the provincial industry and the information committee). 1. Special supervision for the implementation of energy limit standards. Strictly implement the "Save Energy Law of the People's Republic of China", focusing on high-energy consumption industries such as steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, and flat glass, checking the implementation of energy consumption levels and energy consumption quota standards in enterprise units. For capacity required to reach the standard required for the enforcement of performance, it should be rectified within 6 months; if you need to extend the rectification period, you can propose an extension application for no more than 3 months; if you have not reached or rectified, the rectification is still not reached. Turn out in accordance with the law. 2. Special verification of ladder electricity price policy in cement and steel industry.

稂 稂 飞 said that the production process of lithium battery is complex, according to the manufacturing process of the lithium battery, the lithium battery production process can be divided into front end, mid-end and back end three sections, corresponding front-end equipment, gold and silver river lithium battery equipment in production process In terms of performance design, there is a need to constantly adapt to new processes, new technologies and new development of lithium batteries, and the process details of lithium battery manufacturing are integrated into equipment design and manufacturing.

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