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UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V8AH lithium iron phosphate battery material and equipment

UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V8AH lithium iron phosphate battery material and equipmentThe colloidal battery is a development classification of lead-acid batteries. * Simple practice is to add gelling agents to sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electrohydrate become colloidal state. Electro-hydraulic battery is commonly referred to as a colloidal battery. In general, the difference between colloidal batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries is not only in electro-hydraulic. For example, non-solidified aqueous colloids, from electrochemical classification structure and characteristics, the same colloidal battery. As another example, a polymer material is attached to the grid, commonly known as ceramic grid, it can also be considered as a colloidal battery. Recently, the laboratory has added a targeted coupling agent in a plate formula, which greatly increases the reaction utilization of the polar active material. According to the non-public information, it indicates that the weight ratio of 70Wh / kg can be more energy, which is At present, industrial practice and application examples of colloidal batteries to be industrialized. Colloidal cells and conventional lead-acid batteries, from * first understanding electrolyte gel, further develop electrochemical characteristics of electrolyte infrastructure, and application promotion in grid and active substances. Its * Important Features is: with a smaller industrial cost, a better battery is made along the 150-year history of lead-acid battery industries. Its discharge curve is straight, high inflection point, more energy, more than power ratio Conventional lead-acid batteries are 20%! Or above, the life is generally more than around the conventional lead-acid battery, high temperature and low temperature characteristics are much better.

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The state of the lithium ion battery of the electric vehicle is primarily characterized by the state of charge, SOCs, STATE OF HEALTH, SOH. SOC is the ratio of the current remaining capacity and nominal capacity. It can directly reflect the remaining capacity of the battery, and directly reflect the current * multi-travel mileage of electric vehicles. One of the important decision parameters of lithium battery energy management; SOH is battery The ratio of * large power and rated capacity can be recharged, and the degree of aging of the battery is reflected in the decrease in the internal active material in the battery, and the actual capacity is reduced, and the internal resistance increases. Accurately estimate the state of the lithium-ion battery pack battery, which is one of the key technologies of the dynamic lithium-ion battery.

The existing battery SOC estimation method can be divided into the following four categories:

1Amity points method: This method belongs to the open-loop working mode, from the definition of SOC, by calculating the calculation of the sample current to the time of the battery SOC. In the case where the SOC initial value is accurate, the method maintains a high precision in a short time, but as the working time increases, the accuracy of this method is getting lower and lower due to uncertain Curren efficiency and test current. Long-term use.

2 Feature Paragraph: The characteristic parameters of the battery are typically an open-circuit Voltage, OCV and internal resistance. The open circuit voltage method obtains the corresponding SOC value by establishing the corresponding relationship between the battery OCV and the SOC, but the opening voltage value of the battery is more difficult, and it is necessary to stand for a long time, resulting in a large error. Measurement internal resistance is more complex due to test equipment, and cannot meet the requirements of online estimation.

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3 Data Driven: This method is modeled by data driving, and then applied to battery state estimation, which mainly has fuzzy logic, artificial neural network, fuzzy neural network, and support vector machine. Such methods have largely rely on the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of training data. During the aging of the battery, with the change in battery characteristics, training data will gradually invalid, which affects the estimation.

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