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UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V4AH, polymer lithium battery performance parameters

UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V4AH, polymer lithium battery performance parametersHuizHong battery is a core component of the DC power system, which works for electricity, payable power grid abnormalities, and the key role of maintaining the normal operation of the system. It is the normal operation of the power system. At present, the battery online monitoring is gradually attached to it, and it is increasingly widely used in electricity, communication and other industries. However, the key technologies used in battery online monitoring and status assessment - the internal resistance communication discharge method is not known. In the blurred understanding, due to the misleading of the word "maintenance", the user relaxed the daily maintenance and management of the battery, causing early capacity reduction and damage to the battery, due to the low battery capacity or the variable substation And the accidents of the power plant have been uncommon. Therefore, it is very important to use and maintain the battery to improve its service life.
The factors affecting the internal resistance of the battery are mainly: the factors affecting the internal resistance of the battery are:
The time used by the battery: As the usage time increases, the electrolyte loss of water, the electrode plate and the connecting strip, the sulfate of the plate, the polar panel deformation, and the fall of the active material, resulting in a reduction in battery capacity, battery The internal resistance changes.
The amount of charge of the battery: Since the electrolyte depth of the injecting battery, the thickness of the electrode surface reaction material, the porosity of the electrode surface is different, and the internal resistance of the battery is large, so that the amount of charge is also large.
Temperature: Changes in ambient temperature, such as rising, at this time, the diffusion of reactive materials is accelerated, and the charge transfer, electrode dynamics and material metastasis are easier, so that the internal resistance of the battery is reduced. Conversely, it will increase.

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Honeycomb energy: square lamination process + quad quaternary and cobalt material battery

On July 9, the honeycomb energy in Baoding held a brand strategic planning and product launch conference for the "Leading Age". At the press conference, the honeycomb energy released a new battery of the two material systems of cobalt-free materials and tetramarital materials.

Among them, the cobalt-free battery is mainly focused, and the honeycomb energy declares that its non-cobalt material can reach the same level of NCM811, and the material cost is 5-15%, and the corresponding battery BOM cost can be reduced by about 5%.

There are two technical paths, one is to dopically, no-to-have-pair electron spin, reduce the phenomenon of electronic super exchange, reduce Li / Ni mixing, improve electrical properties; Elements, slowing down the volume change, stability structure of the crystal in the charge and discharge process, improves circulating life and safety.

At the same time, the honeycomb energy is developed four-dimensional positive material, and the world's first four-dimensional material cell is released based on the material.

It is understood that the four-dimensional materials developed by the honeycomb energy is mainly based on the NCM system, and MX doping will enhance the boundary strength between the primary particles, so it will reduce slogan in harmful phase transition. form. Make the cycle performance than NCM811 materials, and can achieve better heat resistance, less gas production and higher safety.

In addition, in terms of technology, the honeycomb energy source also demonstrates its NCM811 battery compact from a square battery high-speed lamination process. Honeycomb energy introduction, conventional laminated process is 1 second per piece, while the honeycomb price line has been raised to 0.6 seconds / single position, and the second phase can achieve 0.25 seconds of high-speed lamination, and is developing 0.25 seconds / Ultra-high-speed lamination process of single-position.

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