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UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V26AH battery life factors

UPS uninterruptible power supply 12V26AH battery life factorsAccording to Hefei local media reports, China is expected to receive 14.8 billion yuan (listing 3 models) in 2020, 202 million yuan (listed 6 to 8 models), 2020 to 2025 total revenue 420 billion Yuan, total taxation of 7.8 billion yuan, listed on Komantnock 2025. In this regard, there is a voice that it is a mix of Jianghuai cars, so that it can be listed in Kaochuang 2025 years ago.

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"Shanghai and Beijing, is not suitable for new forces to make car entreprend, high threshold, and risk. If it is mixed with Jianghuai new energy, it is convenient to obtain government financing fund support and production qualifications, and the surrounding industrial chain is perfect. "

Li Bin said, as a new car, it is necessary to financing to support R & D and service. Therefore, although high-grade capital and Temasek holding averaged stock, Li Bin and the awareness of financing have not stopped.

I don't forget, I will have a ring, 2020, it is a good "Qian Jing". It is a pure financial investor who has completed $ 200 million of convertible bond finance, and the investors are a pure financial investor. In addition, it is a new long-term investor to enter - US Independent Investment Management Company Baillie Gifford & Co., Kaiyi * Large external investors.

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