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UPS power battery uninterrupted power supply solution

UPS power battery uninterrupted power supply solutionUPS power storage battery uninterruptible power solution focus reliable, simple design concept Waiting for the shortcomings. It is one of the most popular UPS uninterruptible power devices in the industry. However, some users have encountered some problems when installing and using the champion UPS uninterruptible power supply, and the Zhenjiang Tianyuan battery introduces the solution for uninterrupted power supply in the UPS power supply battery. , I hope that the user can notice when using it.

1. UPS power storage battery Do not excessively discharge: UPS will turn to the battery after the market is powered off, and the UPS should be turned off immediately when the battery is left, and the UPS should be turned off immediately to avoid excessive discharge of the battery. Excessive discharge of the battery will cause the battery to be charged back and affect the battery life, due to the failure caused by excessive discharge of the battery is not within the warranty;

2, the UPS power battery is in the process of use, such as no power outage in half a year, it is recommended to make a person-made battery charge and discharge, that is about to turn off the market, use the battery to discharge, and then reconnect the shipment of the battery indicator. Artificial charge and discharge can extend battery life;

3. UPS power storage battery load recommendations cannot exceed 80%;

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