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UPS battery common maintenance skills

UPS battery common maintenance skillsEngineering staff usually uses a larger battery capacity of UPS requirements in multiple sets of cheap, small-capacity batteries. If the battery, the battery is used, the performance is poor, the voltage is poor, the battery pack will make performance batteries The group was dragged, causing the entire UPS battery system to fail in advance. The current performance uniformity is mainly measured according to the unit of battery voltage, there are many standard requirements in China, such as the information industry, YD / T 799--1996 standard requirements: 25 ¡ã C, the whole set of battery 2V unit floating charge voltage difference is not greater than±50mV, the opening voltage difference is not greater than±20mV; electricity DL / T637--1997 standard requirements: 25 ¡ã C, such as battery system uses 2V / festival, the highest-ended section and the lowest section difference, no more than 30mV, 6V / festival battery does not exceed 40mV 12V / section batteries do not exceed 60mV. The general battery parallel group should not exceed 4 groups, in order to prevent the overall failure of the entire storage battery system, when selecting the battery, the requirements should be made in performance. When it is determined that the battery model is determined, it is best to provide the manufacturer to provide the same batch of battery products in a set of UPS systems to reduce performance differences. The same truth, different brands, or different levels of reservoirs, it is recommended not to mix due to large performance differences. Finally, it should be specifically pointed out that even if appropriate VRLA is selected, some necessary daily maintenance and management are needed, and the battery has expired.

1 UPS battery maintenance

With the continuous development of technology, the performance of UPS is getting better and better, and the average has no trouble working hours, and the reliability of the whole machine is getting higher and higher. It is especially important to do a good job in the maintenance of consumables in the UPS.

1.1 New battery initial charging

After the new battery is installed, it is generally necessary to perform a longer-time charging. The charging power supply should be charged in accordance with the provisions of the specification. After the battery pack is charged, it is discharged, and the discharge is again charged, and the purpose is to extend the battery. Life, improve the activity of the battery and charge and discharge.

1.2 Regular charge and discharge

The battery inside the UPS power supply is long-term idle without or causes the battery to be in the floating state without discharge, causing a large amount of sulfate in the battery to the cathode surface of the battery, forming a so-called battery cathode plate.“Sulfate”Since the lead of sulfate is an insulator, its formation must have an extremely impossible effect on the charge and discharge of the battery, the more sulfate formed on the cathode plate, the larger the internal resistance of the battery, and the battery is charged The worse performance, resulting in the battery“Ageing”,“active”Drop, make the battery life of the battery shortened. Every 3 to 4 months, artificial use of the UPS rectifier / charger is placed in a closed state by interrupting the city or through software / hardware control means, so that the battery in the UPS is discharged. For this“activation”Battery discharge operations in batteries, which are preferably 1/3 to 1/4 of normal discharge time.

1.3 Prohibited depth discharge

The service life of the sealing-free maintenance battery is closely related to the depth of discharge of the battery. The discharge depth refers to the percentage of the time of the battery release in the battery in the process of battery use. Depth discharge can cause sulfate in the internal plate surface of the battery, resulting in an increase in the internal resistance of the battery, which will cause individual batteries when severe“Reaction”Phenomenon and the permanent damage of the battery. The discharge depth of the battery seriously affects the battery life, and it is not forced, and does not allow the battery to be in depth discharge.

1.4 Try to avoid overcurrent charging

Excessive charge can cause the positive and negative plates of the battery to be bent, so that the active substance of the surface of the plate is detached, resulting in a decrease in the battery, which is severely caused by short-circuiting the internal plate of the battery.

1.5 Try to avoid battery overprusting charging

Overpressure charging tends to cause water contained in the battery electrolyte to be electrolytic separated into hydrogen and oxygen, thereby shortening the battery life.

1.6 Replacement activity decreases, internal resistance is too large

(1) With the extension of the usage time of the UPS power supply, the charge and discharge properties of some batteries will gradually become changed. The end voltage is significantly decreased. The performance of such a battery is impossible to rely on the charging circuit inside the UPS power supply to resolve, continue to use There is a hidden danger, and it should be replaced in time.

(2) For the increase in the battery internal resistance, charging the battery with a normal charging voltage does not allow the battery to recover its charging characteristics in time to replace it. The internal resistance of the battery is generally 10 ~ 30mω, Such as the internal resistance of the battery More than 200mωOn the upper, it will not be sufficient to maintain the normal operation of the UPS, and the battery that is larger than the internal resistance must be replaced.

1.7 Avoid battery new and old mixing or new-term batteries mix charging

Since the internal resistance of the new battery is relatively small, the internal resistance of the old battery has different degrees, when the old old battery is mixed together, due to the internal resistance of the old battery, the pressure is relatively large, it is very easy Creating overpressive charging; for new batteries, the internal resistance is small, the charging voltage is small but the current is large, and it is easy to cause overcurrent phenomena, so the new old battery is avoided during the charge and discharge.

2 Battery use environment

The battery life is closely related to the ambient temperature. When the battery is at a lower temperature, the zinc plate in the battery is easily powdered, and the power storage performance is lost, resulting in permanent damage. When the temperature is too high, the capacity of the battery will also decline, which will cause permanent damage. According to the technical specifications of the battery manufacturer, the optimum use temperature of the battery is 20 to 25 ¡ã C, which can extend the battery life in this temperature ran  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery