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The phenomenon of this failure, the phenomenon of this failure

The phenomenon of this failure, the phenomenon of this failureFirst, the phenomenon of this failure of the forklift battery polar plate is:
1, the plates are generated on a plate to generate lead.
2. Due to the internal resistance, the voltage has dropped sharply, and the starting current cannot be continuously supplied.
3, the single battery voltage is rapid, and the temperature of the electrolyte is rapidly increased, but the relative density increases very slow, and there is "boiling" phenomenon.

This problem is:
1, long-term charging, or after the discharge is not charged in time, when the temperature changes, the leads of the sulfate occurs again.
2, the liquid surface in the battery is too low, so that the upper portion of the plate is in contact with air (the positive and negative plate), the oxidizing moiety is in contact with the upper and lower fluctuations, and the thiolite hard layer of the coarse grain is also formed.
3, the relative density of the electrolyte is too high, not pure, and the external temperature is drastically changed, and vulcanization is also promoted. Because the electrolyte relative density is too high, the internal discharge is accelerated, and the concentrated sulfuric acid etching plate becomes the action of sulfuric acid, and the plate is easily vulcanized.

1, often in full state.
2, the battery-free battery should be charged in time.
3. The level of liquid should meet the requirements.

Second, the active material of the fork car battery plate is detached, and the active material falls in the positive electrode plate, which causes a plate short circuit when it is severe.
1. There is a precipitate in the electrolyte.
2, when charging, the electrolyte has a brown substance rises from the bottom, but the voltage rises quickly, the electrolyte boiling phenomenon is greatly shortened than the normal battery, and the charging time is greatly shortened.
3. The discharge capacity is significantly reduced.

This problem is:
1, the polar quality is too bad.
2, the charge, the discharge current is too large, the polar arch is deformed.
3, the vibration caused by the forklift battery is fixed, drag or the like, so that the active material is detached.

Third, the polar plate short circuit, the phenomenon in this fault is:
1, the open circuit voltage is low.
2, the terminal voltage is rapidly decreased, and even decreased to zero.
3 Be

The cause of the fault is:
1, the mass mass is not high or damage to the positive electrode plate to be short-circuited.
2, the active material is excessively deposited at the bottom of the forklift battery, and the metal conductor falls into a positive and negative polar plate and causes a plate short circuit.

1. Prevent the active substance from falling off.
2. Remove the illustrated active substance in time.

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