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The mower focuses on the capacity and voltage of 2V3000ahvrla battery

The mower focuses on the capacity and voltage of 2V3000ahvrla batteryLithium lithium iron phosphate battery * new charging method
As mentioned earlier, the current increase is bound to cause the Micro USB interface and data cable to be unbearable. In fact, the new USB Type C interface is to change this problem.

The number of contacts in the Type C interface is several times the Micro USB interface, which makes it able to withstand the intensity of the current increased; the TYPE C adds to each other, which can define themselves into a charger or a power receiving device. In other words, USB Type C naturally supports fast charge, and USB Type C loss is smaller under the same current, and two-way charge can be supported.

So use USB Type C without support fast charge, such as plus 2, only 5V simplified 2333; fingerprint recognition - the FPC public version of the capacitive application does not say, visualize the fever of fast charge and The cost is also indifferent, and I will save money directly, then Blabla is too long ..

For Type C, Type C's ideas is also drunk.

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