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The following steps extend the life of the battery

The following steps extend the life of the batteryThe following steps extend the life of the battery
Although the battery can be charged, it still has a service life. When it is faulty, it may not be able to enter the power, or no longer work. So when the battery is faulty, it should be repaired in time, so how can I extend the battery life? The following points can help you:
1. Installation: The battery is installed firmly and reduces the vibration on the car; otherwise, the car is driving in the bump road, causing the battery jitter or even fall off, or even damages the car. More serious is to leave anchor in the middle of the car.
2, the cable: battery connection line, the live joint needs to be inspected, whether there is good contact between the line and the joint. Otherwise, it is possible to cause an electric spark, which will seriously cause a battery explosion, damage the car.
3, anti-rust: In addition to checking the installation, pay attention to the oxide, sulfate, etc. produced by the battery clip. It can be applied with Vaseline after cleaning the rust of rust to prevent re-rust.
4, cleaning: Keep the outside of the battery, often remove dust dirt on the battery cover and overflowing electrolyte to prevent self-discharge.
5, sealing glue: The sealing glue must be repaired in time, keep the battery reliability.
6, the height of the electrolyte liquid level: maintains the normal electrolyte liquid level height to ensure the performance of the battery.
7, low temperature climate: When the car enters a low temperature area, try to avoid the battery is completely discharged, and pay attention to whether the electrolyte will freeze.
8, charging: closely pay close attention to the battery over charge or long-term loss. Overcharge will cause the plate active material hardening, the loss will cause a plate to vulcanize. Therefore, the car mainly guarantees that the mediator voltage cannot be too high or too low.

9. Discharge: The battery has a large current discharge, which will greatly damage the internal structure of the battery. It is recommended that the owner will not be more than 5 seconds each time the startup time. It takes two consecutive starts, and the intermediate is within 10--15 seconds.

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