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The domestic lead battery industry enters the winter time

The domestic lead battery industry enters the winter time 

At the beginning of 2012, my country has begun to eliminate the goal of backward production capacity. With the introduction and implementation of the lead storage battery industry access conditions, the number of lead storage battery companies will decrease. The number of lead storage batteries has been compressed from about 3,000 in the rectification to 1,000 now, the future of future enterprises will be compressed to 300.

At present, the domestic lead storage battery industry has serious overcaps, but the expansion trend is still constantly, while the lead storage battery industry is generally entering the micro-profit and losses, the price war has also begun, and it is estimated that the lead battery will usher in a large scale. Ship, and the entire industry's non-air condition or continuation time will even be longer.

However, the reduction in the number of lead storage batteries did not change the abundance of overcapacity, and some companies were reserved in the rectification operations and even begin to expand against trend. In the case where the current lead battery capacity has been severe, the actions of the super-hitting the city will undoubtedly make the whole industry in snow.

After the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival and the third quarter, it was originally the peak season of the battery sales, but the overcapacity of the production capacity has not appeared in the lead battery market in 2012. Sales have been in“Peak season”The phenomenon, and there is also a momentum that is moving. In order to seize the market, the price war in the lead battery market cannot be avoided.

In order to achieve a large amount of investment in order to reach the entry threshold, the lead-acid battery company ran in the large lead-acid battery company, which is almost losing in the entire industry. The rapid development of the lead-acid battery industry has experienced more than ten years. It is likely to be sluggish for a long time, and even the entire lead-acid battery industry will be cold for five years, or face real cold winter.

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