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Tell your new battery that is prone to failure

Tell your new battery that is prone to failureThe new lead battery is invested in a long time. Battery, especially in the absence of insufficient charging, often occurs in the low-end R4 low in the electrolytic solution. Most of the phenomenon occurs in an unpowered LT pool (backup battery, also known end battery, and auxiliary battery). If you pay attention to observation, the battery will find that the electrolyte is reduced by the lower portion and the upper portion. The color is extremely unscad, the upper color is shallow, the lower color grave, especially the polar F, is more pronounced. This is due to the shortage of no additional charge or long-term charging, is the sulfuric acid ingredient in the electrolyte The penetration of the polar plate is caused by the polar sulfur guanhua *, it produces the phenomenon of electrolytic proportion reduction. If it is not treated or handled improperly (such as the eye-catching dilute sulfuric acid), the battery is likely to be damaged Board, which affects safety operation or causes no loss.

The simplest, up to the highest-placed treatment method is to charge the time of the small current (20% of the 10-hour discharge string), until the shy battery voltage rises to 2.5 volts, the proportion of human electrolyte is recovered or approached the original value, and The color of the polar plate returns to normal.

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