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Tell you the battery anti-freezing method 3 strokes

Tell you the battery anti-freezing method 3 strokes1. After the battery is added to distilled water, it takes a period of time to mix evenly with the electrolyte. If there is no time to mix, the distilled water floating on the upper layer of the electrolyte will be frozen. To this end, the battery is added to the battery to charge the battery, and the distillation water should be immediately charged, or the electrolyte and distilled water can be quickly mixed, and it will not be frozen.
2. When the battery is not used in winter, the battery is removed from the car and placed in a house having a temperature of 0 ¡ã C or higher. Clean the outside of the battery before storage, add the electrolyte, sufficient electricity, and tighten the screw. A complementary charge is performed every other month later, and the height of the electrolyte liquid level is checked every half month, and it is added immediately. In this way, the battery can safely and winter.

3. Keep the battery is not lost to make it in a sufficient electrical state. Because in the winter, when the battery is discharged 50%, the electrolyte has a danger of ice. To this end, the degree of discharge of the battery battery does not allow more than 50%. In winter, you should check the storage of batteries frequently, and should be supplemented in time.

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