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Tell you a few test methods commonly used in battery maintenance

Tell you a few test methods commonly used in battery maintenanceIn order to ensure the reliable use of VRLA, extend the service life, and perform a certain test of the battery in the battery maintenance, and the following is described below.
First, voltage measurement method
Test the single battery voltage through the multimeter to find backward batteries.
Advantages: simple method
Disadvantages: poor accuracy, floating state, backward battery voltage and normal voltage difference, basically no regularity.
Second, check the discharge method (battery discharger)
1) Check discharge using the actual load.
2) Discharge test by using traditional resistance box, water resistance or PWM fake load.
Advantages: The test is accurate and reliable. It is still an irreplaceable common detection method.
1. The nuclear pair is long, and the battery needs to be separated from the system and the risk is large.
2, need to manually operate.
3, the equipment room must have the conditions for the active battery.
4, only the whole group test, can not be tested in single section.
5. Frequent testing will result in battery sulfate and damage the battery life.
6, only suitable for regular maintenance, not suitable for daily maintenance.
Third, the online fast capacity test method (battery online tester, inspection instrument) is tested on a single battery through the inspection tester.
Advantages: Simple operation, small risk, quickly find backward batteries.
1, the precision is poor, only qualitative judgment is good and bad, and it is impossible to accurately calculate the quality and capacity index.
2, require a higher computer room test environment, but most unit rooms are really difficult to meet the requirements.
Fourth, conductivity test method
AC voltage signal having a known frequency and amplitude is added to both ends of the battery, measuring alternating current with the voltage
Flow value, the ratio is the conductance, the general measurement frequency is 30 Hz, according to the battery frequency of different capacities
Adjustment. The smaller the battery capacity, the higher the battery resistance, the smaller the conductance value.
Advantages: Simple test methods, accurately detect full failure batteries.
Disadvantages: It is difficult to accurately measure the battery capacity, a large number of tests show that only the battery capacity is reduced to 50%,
Conductors have a large change, 40%, and there is significant change in conductive. So this method can only determine how good the battery is

It is difficult to accurately measure the actual indicator with bad.

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