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Solid state battery high cost is resolved

Solid state battery high cost is resolvedAugust 18th, the world's largest semiconductor and display vendor, Applied Materials, announced that new manufacturing processes have been developed to help solve high cost problems of solid-state batteries.

Solid state cells use solid-state electrolytes to make storage capacity more lithium metal can be used on the battery. Once its high cost problem is resolved, it is expected to be used in large-scale devices, mobile phones, and even electric cars.

According to the "MIT" magazine, the company said that there is currently a new device to produce batteries, the first commercial application may produce batteries for wearable devices.

Guohai Securities recently pointed out that the lithium battery is mainstream of electric vehicle battery, and the explosive growth in the next decade, and the demand in non-electric vehicles such as consumer electronics, industrial energy storage is also stable growth.

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