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Solar system with 2V500AHAGM battery specifications and models

Solar system with 2V500AHAGM battery specifications and modelsAt present, it is difficult to transport damage and defective lithium-ion automotive battery, because the legislation department stipulates that these batteries must be installed in the explosion-proof box, and a explosion-proof box value tens of thousands. However, in Warwei University WMG researchers work with Jaguar Land Rover Engineers, they have been able to freeze the battery with liquid nitrogen.

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Warwick University A explosion-proof box for loading typical Tesla Battery is 10,000 pounds, and then takes another 10,000 pounds to the United Nations certification. Now the WMG researchers from Warwick University now develop a technology that can transport these batteries with a hundred pounds of plastic boxes. They published papers in "Energy Energy Magazine", named "Circular life of lithium-ion batteries after fast and low temperature", pointed out that low temperature frozen does not reduce the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries or affects cyclic service life. This is a method of transporting damage or lack of lithium battery. At present, the explosion-proof box is used to induce batteries, and the battery can enter the thermal out of control. When there is an overheating situation, it may cause severe explosion and release toxic gases. However, if the battery is low-temperature flash freezing, the danger of explosion can be completely eliminated, which means that the battery can be safely transported in a plastic box. The researchers tested the activity of the battery before using liquid nitrogen, and then pierced the refrigerated battery with nails to test safety, and proved that the freezing battery performance would not be affected.
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While transporting these batteries, the temperature in the container must be less than 35 degrees, but in the same container with these plastic boxes, it can be more waste-to-line compared to the explosion-proof box, so that the entire transport process will be more Sustainable. Dr. Thomas Grandjean, WMG, WMG, said: "Transport damage and defective batteries are an expensive and unsustainable process, but if they can be frozen with liquid nitrogen, they can save thousands of pounds, and help electric vehicle manufacturers can increase Persistent."

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