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Solar system uses 12V20AH deep circulation battery usage

Solar system uses 12V20AH deep circulation battery usageIf the LMO material is to achieve rapid charge and discharge capacity, it is generally considered to be a fast migration of Li + causes a solid solution phase such as an unbalanced state in the electrode structure. However, there is a special case, and there has been a contradiction in the past, and a point of contradictions have plagued research workers. LI4TI5O12 During rapid charge and discharge, only two phase changes (Li4TI5O12 + 3Li ++ 3e-? Li7Ti5o12 + 3li ++ 3e-? Li7TI5O12), and the lithium ion conductivity of the two phases is very poor, which is obviously contradictory.
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Recently, Brook Hewen National Laboratory Feng Wang and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs Gerbrand Ceder et al. * New science work found in the two-phase interfaces of Li4 ​​+ XTI5o12 metastable structures rich in distortion Li-O multisunities, these polyhedrals The fast migration of Li + can be achieved because the LI + migration activation within the metabilized structure is below the activation energy within Li4Ti5o12 / Li7Ti5o12. The higher the charge and discharge rate, the more the number of Li-O multi-faces, the higher the degree of distortion, the maximum rate of migration of lithium ions, thereby achieving fast charge. As Zhang Wei (currently serves researcher at the University of Chemistry, Nankai University), DONG-HWA SEO and TINA CHEN. This work is the design of lithium-ion battery LMO fast charge material to open a door, and "Avas Structure" will be concerned during the design process. Regardless of research or industries, this work is great!

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