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Solar system use 12V18AHGEL colloidal battery cost accounting and price

Solar system use 12V18AHGEL colloidal battery cost accounting and priceWith the national policy adjustment and subsidy policy, the industry competition is increasingly fierce, the industry integration has gradually intensified, the power battery companies have greatly shrunk, disclosed, China's power battery companies have nearly 240; but as of June 2019 There are only more than 60 houses left, and the shrinkage is serious. There are more than 100 battery plants to close, and they are still eliminated.

Nanjing Xiahua Power Plant, Nanjing Xiahua Electronics Co., Ltd. Contact: Tel: Email: The high growth of new energy vehicles drive the rapid development of the power battery industry, in the power Battery has passed a short carnival, and the drawbacks are also revealed; when an industry is over-reliating policy subsidies, there may be a risk of overcapacity; the lithium-industrial industry is this, there is a low-end capacity, high-end supply In the case of insufficient circumstances, the trend of the survival of the fittest is also obvious, and the difficult day of the small business is clearly contrary. my country's power battery pattern head concentration effect is intensified, and gradually forms "Matthew"; 2019 1-5 The first 20 battery enterprises in the month were 96.5%; the top 5 installed machines accounted for 80%, and the first 2 companies accounted for 70%.
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In addition, the national subsidy door bar is improved. In the case where the factory subsidy cannot be loaned, the fund pressure is basically accumulated on the head of the battery manufacturer, and the fracture of the fund chain has become a strain of many batteries on the company.

"Difficult to return" does not occupy a few, often a corporate fund chain break, can lead to several enterprises behind, and the Bike battery is typical. According to the predictive battery enterprises will further reduce further, the advantage of the survival of the stretch is a general trend, and the real gold is not afraid of fire, and the real gold in the 2020 big waves is the rest of the gold?
In addition, key technologies such as integration and control in low temperature environments have also achieved breakthroughs. The world's first climate motor will be released at the end of December 2017. It is expected to complete the development of a total of 11 sample cars in 4 models in 2020, and Start demonstration operation. Zhang Jihong, deputy director of the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, said in an interview that it will further integrate related technologies, whether it is a low temperature battery technology, or drove technology, a complete, comprehensive presented during the 2022 Winter Olympics. When the temperature dropped from 25 ¡ã C to -20 ¡ã C, the amount of power released by the automotive power battery will be reduced by 30%, and the charging time will also increase accordingly.

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