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Solar system introduction with 6V4AH lithium battery type

Solar system introduction with 6V4AH lithium battery typeOn June 30th, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued "Encourage Foreign Investment Industry Directory (2019 Edition)", clearly explicitly encourages new energy vehicles to enter China's investment, core three electricity, battery electrical control All involvement; according to the "New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended Model" Power battery companies will enter a new competition and big shuffling development phase.

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In November this year, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory (GigaFactory 3) was completed, the entire project created new speed in Shanghai and even the national manufacturing project; from signing the land to the land, then started to start, only half a year. It is understood that Tesla Super Factory is a foreign-funded manufacturing project, which has been * large, is also a foreign-funded overseas car enterprise project in China. It is expected that total investment is about 50 billion yuan. Tesla CEO Elon Mask said that Tesla Shanghai Super Factory is the first super factory building Tesla in the United States, and is expected to achieve mass production in 2020.
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