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Solar system introduction with 12V50AH lithium battery type

Solar system introduction with 12V50AH lithium battery typeLooking for a long time to look at square battery performance

Panasonic battery With its deep accumulation on cylindrical battery technology, the power battery energy density is long. However, innovation in Square Battery Technology in Ningde Times is not behind. In 2019, NCM811 high-nickel batteries in Ningde Times have been applied to the new models of many batteries such as Yantan, Guangzhou Automobile, and BMW, which are mostly more than 500 kilometers. At present, the Model 3 Standard Runout version of the Tesla Chinese factory has 445 kilometers and 455 km from the mileage. For the Ningde Times, providing Squad batteries for Tesla, and the life will not be a problem.

From the battery pack structure itself, analysts say that the energy density of Panasonic cylindrical battery is not as follows, and the pluruto battery cylindrical battery energy density is close to the limit. The Panasonic battery is required to meet Tesla's battery life, on the one hand, by improving battery energy density through the material itself, but is now primarily to increase the overall capacity of the battery pack by increasing the battery size (upgrade from 18650 to 21700).

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According to Ningde Times, the company's CTP high integrated power battery development platform, the battery can be directly integrated into the battery pack. Due to the province of battery module assembly, the energy density of the CTP battery pack system is 10% -15%, and the system energy density can reach 200 wH / kg, and the volume utilization increases by 15% to 20%. It is reported that the technology has been applied to the North Automobile New Energy Electric Vehicle EU5.

The main parameters of Wuxi Huizhong batteries have capacity, rated capacity, voltage, open circuit voltage, charging voltage, termination voltage, power, life, discharge time, charging time
Square batteries, Tesla also challenges. Since Tesla has always used a cylindrical battery, after using a square battery, it is or will adjust the technical route and chassis design, but Xiaobian speculation should not be significantly adjusted for the vehicle itself.

It is worth noting that at the fourth quarter of 2019, Mask also revealed that cooperation with Ningde Times is "small scale" cooperation. The announcement of Ningde Times also showed that its delivery period is July 1, 2022, 202, June 30, 2022, and the specific procurement SESL will determine the order mode according to its own needs. The agreement is not Slava's procurement is compulsory. This may also be Tesla for replacement technology routes, and need to fully verify the vehicle.
Before the implementation of environmental inspections, the party and government leaders in Xingtai City have relatively small questions about environmental issues; after, the frequency and scope of the pre-question increase. Nowadays, at the executive meeting of the municipal government, environmental protection has become a fixed topic. At the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, environmental protection work was arranged on the first day after the Spring Festival. Zhou Yonghui revealed that before, some local party and government leaders will contribute to polluting enterprises and believe that pollution companies will contribute GDPs for the local government. This situation is now almost extinct. Environmental inspections, "supervised enterprises" becomes "supervising government." It turns out that the local party committee government often "virtual, many", and less "," more criticism, and less criticism. "

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