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Solar system focuses on capacity and voltage of 2V4000ahvrla battery

Solar system focuses on capacity and voltage of 2V4000ahvrla batteryThe specifications of the main products of Huizhong Solar Lights:

12V 4ah, 12V 5ah, 12V 6AH, 12V 7AH, 12V 8AH, 12V 9AH, 12V 10AH, 12V 12AH, 12V 15AH, 12V 17AH, 12V 18ah, 12V 20ah, 12V 22AH, 12V28AH, 12V30AH, 12V 33AH, 12V 35AH, 12V 40AH, 12V 42AH, 12V 45AH, 12V 50ah, 12V 65AH, 12V 70AH, 12V 75AH, 12V 80AH, 12V 85AH, 12V 90AH, 12V 100AH, 12V 110AH, 12V 120AH, 12V 150AH, 12V 180AH, 12V 200AH, 12V 220ah, 12V 250AH, 12V 300AH

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