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Solar system 12V40AH lithium battery pack design example

Solar system 12V40AH lithium battery pack design exampleAs the first share of the first share of travel, after the public bicycle, sharing boys, sharing electric vehicles and webmarks, after two years of research and development and design, the first hydrogen energy to help bicycles finally The trial system was successful. The author personally experienced the hydrogen energy booster, light and fast, no noise, zero pollution.

It is understood that the riding miles of this car of Changzhou Yongan Public Bicycle Company currently can reach 60km, future or will increase to 100km, if commercially, the future hydrogen energy boost bicycle will be able to replace the original lithium battery electric bike. Moreover, hydrogen combustion directly into water, no pollution, let us look forward to the development of the industry in the travel of Hydian Energy Electric bicycles, and help the development of intelligent manufacturing in our city.

The model of Huizhong battery supported by Yonganhang Public Bicycle is:
12V10Ah,12V12Ah,12V17Ah,12V18Ah ,12V20Ah,12V24Ah12V26Ah,12V28AH,12V30AH,12V 33Ah,12V40Ah,12V50Ah,12V55Ah,12V65Ah,12V75Ah,12V80Ah,12V85Ah,12V90Ah,12V 100Ah,12V120Ah,12V150Ah,12V180Ah,12V200Ah,12V220Ah,12V250Ah, 12v300ah.

The specifications of the Xiahua battery supported by Yong'an Bicycles:
6-FM-10.6-Fm-12,6-Fm-15,6-Fm-17.6-FM-20, 6-FM-24, 6-FM-26.6-FM-30, 6-FM-33, 6 -FM-38.6-FM-40, 6-FM-55, 6-FM-50.6-FM-45, 6-FM-60, 6-FM-65.6-FM-45,

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