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Solar system 12V26AHOPZV tubular colloidal battery manufacturer

Solar system 12V26AHOPZV tubular colloidal battery manufacturerAt present, the market * common battery is mainly composed of two colors (black and gold), and the two colors are a white line. What is the way to identify its true pseudo?

There is a mosaic pattern above the white line of the genuine battery, not a straight line, and the counterfeit battery has no mosaic pattern, just a straight line. This is a small detail that is obvious and very negligible, as long as this is, then most of the fakes can be identified.

Also, the negative metal small bowl of the genuine battery is slightly raised, but pay attention to the counterfeit but has not raised.

The third identification detail is the date of production of the battery. The product of the genuine battery is constructed from a point, and the counterpart is not composed of points, just a complete print body.

The Huizhong lithium battery has a high-spirited characteristics of the discharge platform, high safety, long life, and excellent low temperature performance.

8 provinces (districts), standing, resolving a group of highlighting environmental issues, the government attached great importance to environmental protection inspections, strengthen deployment, establish a mechanism, and the issuance of the masses, the issuance of the masses, it is clear, and the establishment is clear. The rectification effect. One is to solve a group of highlighting environmental issues, the masses are universal. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region resolutely rectifies the ecological environment problem of Karamai Mountain, and seriously accounts for the relevant responsible persons; Tibet Autonomous Region vigorously carries out Ru Lu wetland remediation, promotes the resolution of historical legacy; Jilin Province fully launched Bai Mountain Nanshan Landfill Garbage leachate collection and transportation work, solves long-term environmental pollution hidden dangers.
In addition, there is any good auxiliary approach to help identify the truth of the battery?

Digital cameras is a good instrument that tests the true and false inspection of batteries, as it is relatively high for the battery, so the counterfeit battery digital camera will not be able to boot, and the genuine battery will not happen.

Here, it is necessary to generalize electrical appliances that are not consumed to battery, such as radios, razors, etc., and counterfeit batteries will work properly, so it is difficult to identify. Some vendors are mostly used by the general appliances to promote sales, so it is also recommended that our consumers try to choose large-scale regular sales points when purchasing batteries, such as regular digital stores, large supermarkets, etc. Of course, we don't rule out that occasionally encounter a inferior quality. At this time, we have to have a consciousness of rights protection, active requirements to replace, can even use exposure.

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