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Solar system 12V17AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules

Solar system 12V17AH deep circulation battery maintenance rulesAmerican scientist John Gudarov John is known as "lithium-electric parent", which makes the lithium battery size, larger volume, more stable in use, to realize the commercialization of lithium-ion batteries, while opening electronic equipment portable Process. British American Scientist Stanley Hui Tindham is currently a professor of chemistry, director of the School of Materials Institute and Materials Science and Engineering, New York State University. Japanese scientist Ji Ni Yun, currently Asahi Corona, Professor of Mingcheng University. Ziyi commended. Yoshino is the inventor of modern lithium-ion batteries, who has won the engineering community * High Honor Global Energy Award and Charles Stark Derpper Award.

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The above three scientists shared this year's Nobel Chemical Award, with a total of 9 million Krony bonuses. Among them, 97-year-old ancient Denaf became a Nobel Prize winner in history, broke the age record of Arthur Ashkin, which was 96 years old, gaining Nobel Physics Awards in 2018. The awards given by the Nobel Chemical Commission summarizes their deeds: human beings have received a scientific and technological revolution, a lightweight battery developed by the winners, which is powerful and widely used. From a real portable electrical (such as mobile phone, cardiac pacemaker) to battery life, the battery does not need to be so heavy.
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Ji Naimi said that "the lithium battery itself is now mainly used in two fields: first, mobile products. Such as mobile phone, computer, accounting for 2/3 of the lithium battery usage; second large area, Battery. The speed of the world is too fast. According to the statistics of our 2010, the car is almost zero, and now you have more than 30%, and this proportion may continue to increase. Electric car The appearance is equal to the open application direction to the lithium battery, which is a new business opportunity. "
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In 1991, Sony first used lithium battery companies to promote the electronic product revolutionary process in their electronics. On July 1, 2003, Tesla was formally established! Tesla combined with the three of the lithium batteries, motors and advanced electric control systems, realizing rolling traditional carriers under the environmental trend of the world. The lithiumdino award three sword passengers invented a lithium-ion battery, and Tesla pushed its application on the car, here, there had been to mention Tesla's legendary people - Elon Mask.
After receiving the transfer, the Lushan District immediately closed the stone processing plant, and complete the riverside road restriction control facilities in the week, dismantled the attachment and equipment in the ground within one month; three months were flat, strengthened the care and simple Green. Liu Jianjun came to the scene to learn more about the rectification measures in the mountainous area. He emphasized that the investigation of the Central Environmental Protection Insugation Group turned into the opportunity to resolutely adopt effective measures to shut down the city's illegal and illegal sandstone, ensuring that the shutdown work was in place and preventing illegal restoration production. It is necessary to make strict accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations and policies, and have clearly handled time limit, rectify measures and responsible persons, and focus on the existing environmental protection issues. It is strictly investigated according to law.

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