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Solar panels for the forklift industry

Solar panels for the forklift industryWith the development of the economy, logistics handling has penetrated into economic life. The demand for electric forklifts in Guangdong is getting bigger and bigger. Many companies may be treated with the cost of considering or due to the sudden expansion of the enterprise. The steady development of the market and the rise of the leasing industry have also enabled forklift leasing to enter the investor's sight, and many people began to jump. Therefore, the two sides of the supply and demand can be taken, and the forklift lease market will also be born. However, most of the domestic market is only two three-three cars, the quality of electric forklifts is general, the service system is not perfect, and there are very few formal troops to form a scale.
The traditional electric forklift steering system adopts mechanical steering or hydraulic power steering. The disadvantage of mechanical steering is that the manipulation force is large, the operator is prone to fatigue; the disadvantage of hydraulic power steering is wasted to waste energy. The electron steering is not only small, but also more than 25% of the hydraulic power steering. In order to reduce braking impact, enhance applicability, the braking torque of the drive system can be required to promote the development of adjustable torque electromagnetic brakes. The adjustable moment brake consists of 1 spring press brake and electronic control device - the torque controller, which can also pass the torque controller to the brake while achieving the power torque adjustable function. Wearing is monitored, enhances the reliability of the system, reducing operation and maintenance costs. In addition, this adjustable torque brake can also set the CAN bus interface to implement remote diagnosis and control of the brake and network operation of braking control.
From the perspective of industrial cycle, in the global scale, Guangdong electric forklift products and electric forklift industry are in mature. From the domestic situation, the electric forklift products and electric forklift industries are still in development. The product technology still needs to be improved; the range of products and the use of products have not expanded; the industrial adjustment in the market economy is still in the natural stage; user use consciousness And the company's research and development awareness, the ability is still relatively backward. Therefore, standardize corporate behavior, improve industry quality level, promote industrial structure adjustment, promote the development of the industry, from the perspective of quality supervision, will be a long way.

my country's electric forklift industry starts with early Europe and the United States, and the market share of electric forklifts is relatively small. The first stage of burning fire in the first stage has an absolute market share. my country's electric forklift market has a large rising space. The internal combustion truck has its advantages, the electric forklift has the superiority of electric forklifts, and it is easy to increase the electric forklift market in Europe and America. The domestic electric forklift market share has increased, and we use the industry of electric forklifts, we believe that the electric forklift industry prospects Getting better and better. At present, the internal combustion-fired ferris of gasoline and diesel has been in the sunset, and the forklifts of liquefied petroleum gas and electricity are the new power source, and the gasoline, diesel fuel has brought pollution to the atmosphere, while Liquefied petroleum gas It is a hydrocarbon. After combustion, carbon dioxide and water are produced, and the electric energy is completely non-polluted, and the forklift industry is trying to use the solar panel for the forklift industry. All the efforts will soon enable the new energy forklift to replace gasoline, diesel is the main fuel. Energy.

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