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Solar energy system uses 12V7AH battery life factors

Solar energy system uses 12V7AH battery life factorsThe Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 8th batch of new energy auto recommended catalogs, the 246 new energy models of 83 enterprises, 210 of which met the 2019 subsidy policy requirements, 10 compliance with the 2018 subsidy policy requirements, and 26 labels are other new Energy model.

The 246 new energy models reached 229 in pure electric, plugged in mixed 9, and there were 8 fuel cell models. From the perspective of the deposit, 39 new energy passenger cars account for 15.85%; 96 new energy passengers, accounting for 39.02%; new energy special vehicles 111, accounting for 45.13%.

From the technical route, there are 177 lithium iron phosphate battery models. There are 58 types of three-yuan battery models, 6 models of lithium manganate battery models, 2 plurality of lithium battery models, 2 lithium titanate battery models, hydrogen fuel Battery 8 models.

In this batch announcement, the energy density and endless mileage of the new energy passenger car appeared in both polarization. Among them, this batch passenger battery system energy density * up to 175WH / kg is an Aionlx model declared by Guangqi passenger car, equipped with the ternary battery system produced by Ningde Times, and the operating capacity has 600km.

However, the operating capacity of the operating conditions * high is the pure electric car declared by Changan Auto.

This means that the BYD power battery has entered a substantive stage, and the high-end models can be obtained from high coefficient subsidies. It is expected that Chang'an will have more new models to support BYD batteries to further enhance their market competitiveness.

In addition, the three split models of BYD declared - DENZRX also entered the directory, fully replaced the ternary battery, the pure electric battery system reached 161Wh / kg, the working capacity endless mileage was 520km. The remaining two plug-in mixed models are also up to 80-100km, and the pure battery life in the same model is high.

The new teeng enters the recommended directory will replace the previous models, and fully upgraded in power batteries and endurance. Under this circumstance, the new tee is or is expected to become a fist product under the BYD and Daimler joint venture.

It is worth noting that in addition to the high-decreasing model, this batch announced in the model in the energy density or endless mileage that cannot meet the 2019 subsidy technology requirements, which means that the above model will not be subsidized.

From the perspective of new energy automobile markets from 7-August, subsidizes that shifts to new energy passenger cars, including power battery companies, and mainframe sales have declined significantly. Among them, A00-level models have affected * large. Batch of many car companies declared a number of models that cannot be subsidized, and their future market performance or is not optimistic.

In terms of battery enterprise supporting, Ningde Times, Yixi Lithium, BYD, Hefei, Qixuan, and Qi Shen Battery.

Common imported batteries include: Sanyo battery, Panasonic battery, LG battery, Samsung lithium battery.

Excessive charging
In the long-term overcharge, the positive electrode was consumed by oxygen reactions, and the water was consumed, h + increased, resulting in an increase in acidity in the vicinity of the positive electrode, and the grid corrosion accelerates, so that the bar grid is thinned to accelerate the corrosion of the battery, which reduces the battery capacity; Increasing, there will be a dry danger of the battery, which affects the battery life.
Excessive discharge effect
Excessive discharge of the battery mainly occurs after the AC power supply is poweredized, the battery is long-time for the load. When the battery is over-discharged to its voltage is too low, even zero, thereby causing a large amount of sulfate in the inside of sulfate to be adsorbed to the cathode surface of the battery, "sulfate" in the cathode of the battery. Lead of sulfate is an insulator, and its formation must have a large negative effect on the charge of the battery, and therefore, the more sulfate formed on the cathode, the larger the internal resistance of the battery, the charge, discharge performance of the battery The worse, the shorter the service life of the battery.

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