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Solar energy system use 12V20ahopzs tubular battery capacity calculation method

Solar energy system use 12V20ahopzs tubular battery capacity calculation methodThe colloidal and lead-acid batteries are in the same performance, but only the electrolyte in the battery is a latex-shaped semi-solidification state, one is a liquid state, and the ordinary lead-acid battery in the liquid state requires irregular addition of distilled water maintenance during use. The colloid does not require additional distillate maintenance (usually the maintenance-free); the disadvantage of the colloidal lead-acid battery is that the overload charge is very harmful. Once overload charging can cause the battery's unrecoverable, even scrapped, and ordinary lead acid Magical deformation and vulcanization caused by battery overload can be small current charge and discharge recovery (only unable to restore the original); personal feels that the colloid is clean, worry-free, and ordinary lead-acid batteries are better (adjustable in winter and summer). 】

First, the colloid is one of the lead-acid battery; most of the current lead-acid battery is a valve control, but according to the electrolyte can be divided into two categories, ie colloidal and AGM. I think you want to ask which one is better?

Huizhong - Huizhong brand OPZV tube colloidal battery main components: Polar material 1 # Electrolysis lead, separator is an imported partition for the United States, colloid is German import colloid.

My opinion is to see what kind of battery you need.

The colloidal battery is expensive, but does not mean that its performance is better than AGM in anyone. For example, the high current discharge performance of colloid is somewhat, but small current discharge performance is better. Therefore, there is currently AGM in terms of automobile startup, but solar charge storage, etc., the colloid is selected. The reason is that the car is started to instantaneously, while solar charging is a long-term small current.

The colloid lead-acid battery is an improvement in the ordinary lead-acid battery of the liquid electrolyte, and the electrolytic solution is exchanged with a colloidal electrolyte, which is improved in terms of safety, storage capacity, discharge performance, and service life.

The colloidal lead-acid battery uses gel-like electrolytes, the internal no-free liquid, the electrolyte capacity is large, the heat capacity is large, the heat dissipation ability is strong, and the general battery can be easily generated; the electrolyte concentration is low, the plate The corrosion is weak; the concentration is uniform, there is no electrolyte layering.

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