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Solar energy system maintenance rules for 12V33AH deep circulation

Solar energy system maintenance rules for 12V33AH deep circulationThe new energy vehicle production and sales data released by the China Automobile Association shows that after 2019, the sales of new energy car subsidies will be sloppy, and sales in June - November have been "five-dimensional drop", especially October, November, degraded more than 4 become.

The industry chain is deeper. * For nearly half a year, Guojin Auto owe a holiday, the Yangtze River car owed, the hippocampus car selling house, BYD pay, youth cars apply for bankruptcy, Zhongtai Auto owes the salary .. Some new energy automobile projects and companies, including some old car companies, There are not many news, bad news is constantly.

In the new forces, the situation of several star enterprises such as Yizhan, Xiaopeng, and Weima is slightly good. There have been thousands of sales per month, but it is also facing public opinion. Other companies are more silent, some companies have even quiet. Retreat.

So, can China's new energy auto industry have passed this hurdle?

Chen Qingtai, a chairman of the China Electric Vehicle, talked about chatting. In his opinion, China's new energy automobile industry has experienced a strong policy, and after rapid growth, it entered the depth adjustment period; the new forces experience From the beginning, it entered the process of large wave sand.

"This is the process of alternative emerging industries to mature, and it is also very painful, even very cruel process." Chen Qingtai believes that the key to the problem is how we will seize the opportunity, experience this baptism, so that my country's automobile industry realizes "Phoenix Nirvana.


Since it is so difficult, why should I do?

In fact, * Start European and American countries to do electric vehicles, such as the United States, the development of new energy vehicles in the 20th century, is also difficult.

At that time, the oil giants almost controlled two borders in American government, and the fuel truck was a well-deserved protagonist, and the electric car almost swept the historic waste paper.

* Typical cases such as General Motors, in 1990, the first electric car EV1 was launched, but it was discontinued in 2002, and there was a universal recognition reason for the United States politician and oil company. "Strand".

When China began to engage in new energy cars, many people also have this question. The automotive industry is so good to develop in Europe and the United States. Why do you have to stick to? Get something else.

The transformation of automotive power technology is originally the normal process of technical progress and market-driven process. Not only China, the government of other major countries around the world is now in a contrast, and then the three places will make a hand, which must be more profound. consider.

In Chen Qingtai and other experts, my country will improve electric vehicles to national strategies. The fundamental motion is three, one is to change energy structure, safeguard energy security; second, reduce carbon emissions and atmospheric pollution; three is another way to do strong automobile industries.

The first is the energy security problem.

By the end of 2018, 170 vehicles in China were more than 70%. In recent years, the car ownership has grown year, while the self-produced petroleum is basically maintained at the same level, and the increments are almost imported.

With the increase of per capita GDP, the trend of growth in the movement of individuals in various countries is very similar. In 2018, my country's per capita GDP has reached $ 9900, and it is bound to break in 2019, and the car ownership is still growing. Europe and the United States are basically stable in 700-800 vehicles / thousands, and the largest country has a small Japanese stable in 600 vehicles / thousand, and South Korea is about 440 vehicles.

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That is, as the per capita GDP has improved, China's car ownership also has a demand for growth, and at least stabilize at least 500 million. But if this huge incremental energy is rely on oil, no matter what source and security, it is still unbearable.

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Therefore, it has been transformed into electric vehicles, so that a large number of new users will not transition to fuel vehicles, directly across electric travel, this is an important choice for circular Chinese car dreams.

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