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Solar energy storage battery precautions

Solar energy storage battery precautionsI. Requirements for solar dedicated batteries to solar controller

For the normal operation of the photovoltaic system, the controller plays a considerable role. Different uses and large-scale photovoltaic systems, the requirements of the controller function are different. The quality of the controller directly affects the component life of the solar system and the reliability of the entire system.
1: The power consumption is low, the controller is high, and the controller is not intermittently operated 24 hours. If its own power consumption is large, it will consume some power, it is best to choose power consumption in 1 mA (MA) The following controller.
2: The solar controller must have the protection function of components such as batteries,
Overload protection
Short circuit protection
Reverse discharge protection
Polarity reverse protection
Lightning protection
Undervoltage protection
3: Waterproof of the controller, the controller is generally installed in the lamp cover, the battery box, generally not invested, but the connection line of the controller terminal in the actual engineering case is often short-circuited because the rain is smoothly flowing into the controller.
4: Solar Controller Other Technical Requirements:
4.1 Charging circuit pressure drop is not greater than 0.26V
4.2 discharge circuit pressure drop is not greater than 0.15V
4.3 Over-pressure protection 17V, ¡Á 2 / 24V;
4.4 Working Temperature Industry: -35 ¡ã C to + 55 ¡ã C;
4.5 Lifting the charging voltage 15.0V; ¡Á 2 / 24V; (maintenance time: 10min) (call only when over-discharge)
4.6 direct charge charging voltage 14.8V; ¡Á 2 / 24V; (maintenance time: 10min)
4.7 floating 13.6V; ¡Á 2 / 24V; (Maintenance time: until the charge return voltage action)
4.8 Charging return voltage 13.2V; ¡Á 2 / 24V;
4.9 Temperature compensation -5MV / ¡ã C / 2V (lifting, direct charge, floating, charging return voltage compensation);
4.10 undervoltage voltage 12.0V; ¡Á 2 / 24V;
4.11 Over-discharge voltage 11.1V-discharge ratio compensation correction initial overlapping voltage (no - load voltage); ¡Á 2 / 24V;
4.12 Over-return voltage 12.6V; ¡Á 2 / 24V;
Second, the following situations are not in batteries, only paid maintenance or maintenance.
1 If during use,
A system configuration changes, B-battery is in depth discharge, the system cannot guarantee the battery to be charged, resulting in a long-term loss of the battery, and the battery short circuit of the water-free battery of the C buried battery, the use ambient temperature of the D battery is exceeded The specified temperature range causes the battery failure.
The E controller does not satisfy the protection of the battery, which causes the battery of the battery. The charging problem of F-photovoltaic board is caused by the battery. The charging is insufficient, causing the battery long-term losses, the G line arrangement is not properly arranged, the contact is poorly caused by the battery output voltage, the charging voltage is too low, H configuration The battery capacity is too large, and the battery caused by the battery is insufficient.

2 When the system is configured rationality, the usage is appropriate and the installation method is rationality, or when there is any abnormality in other force majeure and human factors, there is an abnormal battery product, and the supplier can restore the battery. However, the cost that happens is taken by the need.

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