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Solar battery square matrix regular maintenance

Solar battery square matrix regular maintenanceThe quality of solar cells and maintenance directly affects the service life of solar cell modules, affects the operating cost of solar power system, affecting efficiency, and doing the maintenance of solar cells. The maintenance of the photovoltaic power generation system is the most operational Good tool. The solar cell is placed in a long time, the wind blows sun, covered with dust, which will block the solar cells to absorb the sun. Therefore, the solar cells must be cleaned, cleaning regularly, and the exposed wiring contacts should be regularly inspected. Solar cells should regularly check and maintain projects:

1) Regularly observe the Solar Battery Square, when observed that the surface of the solar cell is reached gray, can not see the solar cell, the original blue crystalline plate surface, should be in time to the solar cell Clean the dust. In order to avoid wiping the solar cells under high temperature and strong light on the electric shock injury of personal attack and possibly damage to the solar cell module, the components should be cleaned in the morning or in the afternoon, clean the solar cell module glass surface with soft The brush, clean mild water, the force is used in cleaning to avoid damage to the glass surface, and the components of the coated glass should be taken to avoid damage to the glass layer. If it is dry ash, it can be cleared with a chicken. If the oil can be used with water + mop, clean it. If the oil is powerful, it can be cleared with an appropriate amount of alcohol, and do not rinse with hard objects or corrosive solvents and wipe it.

2) In case of wind, heavy rain, hail, snow, etc. After the snow, the solar cell can use soft items to push the snow, pay attention to the glass of solar cell modules, and the solar cell module is a certain load, but cannot step on the solar cell module. It will cause the solar cell module to damage or affect the life of the solar cell module. Generally, don't be equal to the snow, so that the solar cell module is excessively frozen.

3) Regularly check whether the solar cells are in good contact, and there is no looseness and fall off. Regularly check the package of solar cell modules, if it finds that there is a package opening gel water, it is necessary to repair or replace it in time.

4) Solar cell module is not afraid of contacting water, because solar cells have been sealed under the tempered glass, there is an EVA laminate on the back, so there is water outside, and the tap of the battery will not have water, even if the battery inside I don't need to be afraid of the water, because the characteristics of the solar cell can be shorted, the maximum is the short circuit, there is no power output, and after the shortest situation disappears, it can be used in the initial place. When the solar cell module is regularly checked, the photovoltaic module should be adjusted or replaced immediately if the following issues are found:

1 The solar cell module has a glass pulverized, a backplane, and a significant color change.

2 There is a bubble in the edge of the solar cell module.

3 Solar battery assembly junction box deformed, distorted, cracking or burning, the terminalless contact cannot be good.

5) Regularly check that the solar cells have no loose and fracture phenomenon. All bolts, welds, and stent connectors should be firm and reliable, and the surface anti-corrosion coating should not crack and fall off, otherwise it should be replenished in time.

6) Regularly check the bird manure on the surface of the solar cell, and clean up if necessary. House shadows on solar cell modules, the occlusion of birds or even bird fees will have a relatively large impact on the power generation system. The electrical characteristics of the solar cell used in each solar cell module is basically consistent, otherwise the electricity will not be good or blocked. The so-called exotic effect is generated on the battery. In a solar cell square form, the shaded solar cell module will be used as the energy generated by the load that consumes other light solar cell modules, and the shaded solar cell assembly will heat it, which is the thermal effect, this phenomenon In severe cases, the solar cell module will be damaged, in order to avoid the hot spot effects in the series branch of the solar cell, it is necessary to install the bypass diode on the solar cell module, and install DC insurance on each of the solar cell groups. Even if there is no hot spot effect, solar cell modules are blocked and will affect power generation.

7) Performance of the Solar Battery Array Temperature regularly, and compares the ambient temperature. When the solar cell is working in the shadow occlusion conditions, the temperature difference between the same solar cell module (the battery is from the upper region) temperature in the same solar cell module (the battery is from 2 m / s) when there is no shadow occlusion condition. 20 ¡ã C.

8) Perform detection of the photoelectric parameters and output power of the solar cell formation periodically to ensure the normal operation of the solar cells.

9) Use the solar cell module of the metal border, the border and the stent should be good, and the contact resistance between the two is not more than 4.ωThe border must be firmly grounded and the grounding resistance of the solar cell array should be checked  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery