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Simple analysis of simple faults of UPS power

Simple analysis of simple faults of UPS powerThe UPS power supply is a uninterruptible power supply that can continue to maintain a period of work after power off. Therefore, once the UPS power is faulty, then we can store the data when we work out. In case, it is necessary to ensure that the UPS power supply can be used normally. Super Technology technical experts also pointed out that in order to more convenient for everyone's work, it is best to have some common UPS power failure identification and Excluded knowledge.
First, why can't my UPS power cannot boot?
1. Please confirm if the UPS INPUT power supply is normal, or check if the UPS power terminal wiring is loose.
2, the non-fuse switch of the back panel (Breaker) has no jumping, and checks whether the load is shorted or malfunctioned.
Second, why UPS LCD shows the 'OVERLOAD SHUTDOWN' light, the buzzer is long?
Please check if the load is malfunctioned or too large, is, please remove its device or reduce part of the device load and reboot. If the UPS continues to display 'overload shutdown', please find the UPS power supply to solve the problem.
Third, why after my UPS is turned on, the UPS displays the onbractry LED light?
1. Please use other electrical equipment to test the AC power supply or no power supply or the power outlet is too loose.
2, please check the non-fuse switch of the back panel has no pop-up jumping.
Fourth, why is my UPS discharge time?
1, may be that the battery voltage is not fully filled, please charge for 8 hours or longer.
2, the UPS power supply is most reasonable at 80 to 95% of the load in normal state, and if the load exceeds more than 100%, the battery discharge time will be shortened, please reduce some loads.
3. If the battery is often charged or operated in a high temperature environment, the UPS battery life will be decreased. It is therefore recommended that your UPS battery has been used for more than two years.

4, may purchase new batteries due to the old battery, please and the agent to maintain the normal operation of the UPS power supply.

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