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September lead battery production is small

September lead battery production is small             

The rhodial battery of the battery, but in September, my country's communist lead-acid battery is 15.75454 million kVAH, which has risen slightly from 5.1% from the previous year. It still maintains a substantial growth of 36.6% year-on-year; the cumulative production in January-September is 128 million kVah, and the accumulated year-on-year increase nearly 30% .

From this year, my country's battery production continued to decline in June this year. In June, my country's lead storage battery production reached 168.322 million kVAH, and the second quadrants were slightly frustrated in June, and the September increased slightly. This is consistent with the Shanghai Non-Colored Net Bar Battrans Enterprise. The overall operating rate of lead storage batteries in June is 64.32%, and the ring is 60.6% from September to September.

After June, the continuous decline of lead battery production is mainly affected by two factors:

First, the electric bicycle season is not strong to drag the power-type lead battery order. In the traditional peak season for electric bicycles in the summer, this year“Peak season”In June, there is a flower. The power-based battery order has declined in July, which is high for pressure to high, leading to the power-type lead-stock market.“Price war”Four smokes. The difference between the first-line brand and the second and third-line brands have narrowed to 50 yuan / group, and the powerful battery companies generally control the yield and reduce inventory.

Second, the decline in production of Japanese automobiles caused a reduction in the production of lead storage batteries. Since July, it has been affected by the Diaoyu Islands. The Japanese car sales have declined. According to the statistical data of the China Automobile Industry Association, the Japanese passenger car sales increased from 259,400 in June to 160,000 units in September, which is nearly 40%. . Partial Japanese car production line is discontinued, and the demand for lead storage batteries is reduced, affecting the output of relevant enterprises.

In addition, the production of fixed enterprises is also unlookable, and some companies have been dragged from the output of fixed-type lead storage batteries due to export decline in August.

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