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Performance advantages of photovoltaic storage battery

Performance advantages of photovoltaic storage batteryThe photovoltaic storage battery is mainly mainly maintenance-free lead-acid battery. The advantage is that the price is inexpensive, low cost, easy maintenance, and the disadvantage is low. The other is the energy storage device, which is the capacitor, the advantage is that the capacity is large, but the disadvantage is still immature, in the development phase. The lead-acid battery is gradually being replaced by a lithium battery, as the energy storage of the energy storage battery is simple, the capacity is high, which is too high relative to the lead-acid battery, but from the long-term integrated cost, the energy storage lithium battery is also very Cost-effective. Shanghai Shan Leopard Energy Photoelectromonic energy storage lithium battery ESS series products, easy installation, easy management, no maintenance, self-contained intelligent protection system, long service life, multi-layer protection mode.
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