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Optimistic look at the development direction of electric explosion-proof trucks

Optimistic look at the development direction of electric explosion-proof trucksWith the development of AC permanent magnet technology, the operating control system of electric explosion-proof forklift will also develop in the direction of communication, because there is no maintenance resistance, avoiding the removal of carbon brush and replace carbon brush. Safety risks caused by the body. The constant torque control can be achieved at low speed on the dynamic performance. The high speed can constitute a high energy control operation efficiency, and has a variety of operating conditions of energy recovery, anti-slip slip, so that the electric explosion-proof fork is low, low noise, high transmission efficiency. The advantage of strong security, low temperature rise. Forklift battery

Electric explosive forklifts will continue to improve the protection level of the whole machine with advanced electronic technology, so that it has automatic protection capabilities under high intelligence control, intelligent, integrating, and miniaturizing explosion-proof electronic components.

Electric explosive forklifts must have user-friendly design thinking in overall design, to improve the comfort of driver, convenient to manileability, reduce the driving strength of the driver, and to ensure the premise of ensuring the safety performance of the whole machine, reach Beautiful effect of shape.

Improve the technical standards of electric explosion-proof forklifts, corporate standards cannot stay in national standards, only satisfied with national standards, companies should continue to improve manufacturing technology and product performance, develop high enterprise technical standards to drive national technical standards Improvement, eliminating backward companies, making electric anti-explosive forklifts manufacturing horizontal overall development.

At present, the development of domestic electric explosion-proof trucks has also been influenced by multiple constraints. The national standard is not perfect, and there is no implementation agency for standard detection. The country's security supervision in the market is not enough, resulting in The unit does not need to explode forklift or buy a check check. All constrain the development of electric explosion-proof forklifts. I believe that with the development of the national economy, the increase in safety supervision and the continuous improvement of safety law, plus product manufacturing level Increased, electric anti-explosive forklifts as a China Chaoyang industry, will be able to develop and grow out of the national market.

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