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Mroscopically use 12V50AH valve controlled lead-acid battery discharge method

Mroscopically use 12V50AH valve controlled lead-acid battery discharge method1) Based on the second-order THEVENIN Equivalent Circuit Model of the battery, this paper has designed adaptive elsencing karman filtering algorithms. The experiment verifies the accuracy of the adaptive elsewheld Calman filtering algorithm in two different current conditions, and the algorithm is not limited by the current condition, and the algorithm can identify the algorithm. Omhumoral resistance of the battery.

2) This paper applies adaptive elsewheld Kalman filtering algorithm to identify the ohm achener of the time-shifting battery system, and then use internal resistance and battery SOH's functional relationship to estimate the battery's SOH, and verify its estimation accuracy by experiment. The algorithm is fast, high precision, and has good practicality.

3) This paper, by estimating the estimation of SOH and mean cell SOH of each single cell in a lithium ion battery group, a unqualified monomer battery, quantifying the battery pack, and explicitly formulates an electric vehicle power battery aging unit battery. Replace the maintenance scheme, realize the resource utilization of the waste power battery and verify the feasibility of the program.

4) Adaptive elsencing Kalman filtering algorithm can not only estimate the SOC and ohm internal resistance of the battery, on the basis of the battery model, the state space model is established for different parameters, and the polarization characteristics of the battery model can be achieved. Real-time online estimation.

Nanjing Xiahua Company produced Huizhou card OPZS tube-type battery main model: OPZS-200, OPZS-250, OPZS-400, OPZS-500, OPZS-600, OPZS-800, OPZS -1000, OPZS-1200, OPZS-1500, OPZS-2000, OPZS-3000

In the UPS power supply system, the battery is mostly used for maintenance-free batteries. The main role of the battery in the UPS power supply system is to store electrical energy. Once the mains discharge supply inverter, the battery is discharged from the battery, and the direct current of the battery is converted into a sinusoidal AC, and the power output of the UPS is maintained. Normal electricity is used in a certain amount of time.
At the time of normal power supply, the battery stores electrical energy in the rectified-charging circuit while the DC circuit functions as a smooth filtering, and acts as a buffer when the inverter is overloaded.
In daily work, people often think that the battery is maintenance-free without paying attention. However, due to the unreasonable use of the battery, the electrolyte of the battery is generated, the heat loss, early capacity loss, internal short circuits, etc., thereby seriously affects the reliability of the power supply system. Information indicates that the battery failure causes the UPS host failure or the abnormal working abnormality is approximately 60%. It can be seen that the correct use and maintenance of the UPS battery is enhanced, and the service life of the battery is extended, and the UPS power supply system failure rate is reduced, and there is an increasingly important significance.

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