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Mriage machine with 2V500AH lithium battery pack design example

Mriage machine with 2V500AH lithium battery pack design exampleThe existing battery SOH estimation method mainly has the following:

1 Direct discharge method: It is a method for evaluating the effect of the load on the battery SOH. This method is complex, requiring the SOH of the offline to test the battery, and cannot be realized online.

2 Measuring the internal impedance method: The SOH of the battery can be characterized by the relationship of ohmic resistance, and the ohmic interformance of the battery is obtained by measuring analysis, thus calculating the SOH of the battery;

3 Electrochemical Impedance Analysis (ELECTROCHEMICAL IMPEDANCE SPECTROPY, EIS): The main idea of ​​this method is to apply a plurality of sinusoidal signals to be measured, and analyze the data information obtained by fuzzy theory, predict the aging of the battery, this method requires a lot Experimental data, low practicality;

4 Chemical Analysis: This method is estimated by measuring the change in electrolyte density, but the method must damage the battery structure so that the battery can no longer use;

5 Modern estimation method: mainly Kalman filtering algorithm, neural network algorithm, fuzzy logic algorithm, etc., these methods can qualitatively analyze the state of the battery, and the actual application effect is better.

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