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Medical equipment 12V90AHOPZV tubular colloidal battery manufacturerlithium polymer battery

The lithium polymer battery is an updated battery and enters the market in 1999. The lithium polymer battery extension is a solid polymer, rather than a liquid electrolyte, and the remaining is substantially the same as the lithium ion battery. The polymer electrolyte material is a conventional film composed of a solution, and the body polymer such as polyethylene is used as a non-moving solvent in a solvent. The advantage of the lithium polymer battery is that it can be made into any shape and a relatively light, because it does not contain heavy metals and a plastic shell that maintains the electrolyte. Their performance is better, and the ideal state of lithium polymer battery capacity reaches thousands of mA / h, and safer. Solid state electrolysis is a sealed gel, which will not easily disintegrate in the charging process.

3, comparison between the two batteries

Lithium polymer batteries and lithium ion battery technology can replace Ni-GD batteries. But the price is too high, the market is not fully accepted, especially lithium polymer technology. Darnell Group Corporation's analyst Brush believes:

Polymer batteries will never be more expensive than lithium ion batteries, and current production is much more expensive, which promotes the development of lithium-ion battery technology. The lithium-ion battery cost used in the laptop was previously $ 41.42, and the cost of polymer battery for laptop was $ 60.80.

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