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Medical equipment 12V8AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules

Medical equipment 12V8AH deep circulation battery maintenance rulesIn October 2019, Tesla announced the chemical cooperation with LG, and LG chemistry supplies a cylindrical 21700 battery to Tesla China factory. Japan is no longer its exclusive supplier. It is reported that LG chemical cell positive material is NCM high nickel material Also different from the NCA of the Panasonic Battery; February 3 this year, Tesla announced cooperation with Ningde Times, the battery China network learned from multiple sources, Ningde Times used Tesra supplied to square batteries, but not special Slason has been using a cylindrical battery.

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As a well-known brand of global electric vehicles, cooperation with Tesla is something that many batteries dreams of, Tesla is also cautious in battery providers, often making battery companies to make adjustments to adapt to Tesla's requirements. . In 2018, Testra announced that when we would build a factory in China, Ningde Times has come into contact with Tesla, but both parties * the battery technology standards, specifications, etc. have not reached an agreement, not happy.

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Nowadays, Tesla actively made "consent", agree to purchase the Ningde Times square NCM ternary battery, rather than the Ningde Times committees, like LG chemistry, is Tesla village newly built a cylindrical battery production line?

On the 4th, the ninth meeting of the leaders of BRIC countries held in Xiamen. We see that energy cooperation is an important aspect of collaboration between BRIC countries (medium, Russian, Indian, Pakistan, South Africa). China and Russian cooperation in the energy field have been long been. In 1996, the two countries signed the "Agreement on Cooperation in the Universal Cooperation". In December of the same year, the two sides decided to set up the summit meeting committee, which included several cooperation submission, including energy. Subsequently, the two countries have launched extensive cooperation in the fields of nuclear power, crude oil, natural gas, coal, transmission and hydropower, but progress is relatively slow. In recent years, with the rapid increase in China's domestic energy demand and the significant decline in international energy prices, the complementarity of energy cooperation between China and Russia has rapidly improved.

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