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Medical equipment 12V75AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules

Medical equipment 12V75AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules1. Charging damage to the battery throughout the night

mistake! Most smartphones are now enough intelligence, they know when the battery is saturated, then stop charging. However, there is also a method of extending battery life. Don't charge every night, all night, try to charge for 40% -80% power in most cases, so you can ensure that your battery uses as long life. If you can get up at night, you can try it.

2. Don't charge while charging, while using your mobile phone

People may think that using it when charging the phone, it will have a negative impact on the quality of mobile phone charging. However, unless you use a inferior charger, this statement is not accurate. No matter if you have any mobile phones, the battery will charge as expected. We can think about this question: When you turn off the mobile phone, you will not generate data synchronization in your mobile phone, but even if you don't use your phone, as long as you turn it on, you will also have data synchronization in your phone, so this doesn't matter to call. .

3. Magnapkin chargers will damage your battery

Although some miscellaneous chargers are not * ideal choices, some even longer can be full of time. However, as long as you use it correctly, this type of charger will not impair the battery. This means that we can run to Target, go to buy an inexpensive charger to replace the original factory charger configured by the phone. But it is important to note that when you select an alternate charger, you need to find a charger that is suitable for your device. Also, don't buy 8 hours of chargers that can be used for a mobile phone for 15 minutes.

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