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Medical equipment 12V70AH lithium battery pack design example

Medical equipment 12V70AH lithium battery pack design exampleIn November last year, Tesla has reached a preliminary non-binding agreement with Ningde Times. The latter * will start from Tesla Shanghai factory from 2020. Chinese companies are being stepped into Tesla's core supply chain.
Even before this, the battery, motor and parts housing of Tesla Model 3 will also produce strong demand for industrial chain raw materials in China. , Nickel, lithium, graphite, middle and lower reaches, including downstream vehicle links, will have a large kinetic energy, so that the entire power train industry chain will be beneficial, our materials, equipment, lithium batteries will inevitably have Sign Yupi Precision This kind of excellent long cattle is born.

Among them, the following links must focus on: 1, upstream raw materials upstream of batteries and battery raw materials are the beneficiaries of deterministic * high. In addition to potential batteries, Tesla is also considering switching batteries to LG Nanjing factory, while the upstream materials of LG batteries are basically Chinese, and cost savings will save more. Multiple standards of colored sections such as cobalt, lithium, magnetic materials, and copper foil will be there to be a potential supplier of Tesla.
The deputy mayor Time briefly reported the progress of environmental inspections and deploying the next step. Be brave pointed out that the previous stage, all districts, and relevant departments have compared environmental inspections and rectification programs, combined with the "five violations" regional environment comprehensive rectification, small and medium rivers rectification, strongly promote environmental protection inspections, achieve significant results: a batch of highlights The problem has been rectified; a group of environmental protection projects have accelerated advancement; a group of long-acting mechanisms have been accelerated. However, in the rectification process, there are also some situations and problems must be highly valued. At present, environmental protection inspector enters the sprint stage, and further improves the understanding of the importance of environmental protection and inspecting and rectification, adheres to "There are rectification of the strip," resolutely lay the environmental inspector and change the attack.
▼ Tesla bicycle corresponding to the upstream raw material list

A shares listed in the listed company, Huayou cobalt industry / Luoyang molybdenum industry (cobalt), front lithium industry / Tianqi industry (lithium hydroxide), Tongling colored / Nord Shares (lithium electric copper foil), Zhongke three rings (Motor Magnetic Material), Nanshan Aluminum Industry (four-door two caps) and Dongyi shares (power device housing) are worthy of attention.
Huizhong - Huizhong brand OPZV tube colloidal battery main components: Polar material 1 # Electrolysis lead, separator is an imported partition for the United States, colloid is German import colloid.
At present, 21 direct suppliers of Tesla, which are charged equipment and operational enterprises, accounting for 50% of charge pile equipment and operators. ▼ Tesla Charging Equipment Supplier List

With the transfer of Tesla Industry Chain, it is expected to further increase the degree of participation in Tesla China under the new national standard of charging facilities. We screened A-share charge-related pile related to Tesla charger, which is expected to further deepen cooperation with Tesla in the future market development. ▼ my country has some manufacturers to enter Tesla charging equipment vendor catalog

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