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Maintenance-free lead-acid battery how to fix electrolyte

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery how to fix electrolyteThe maintenance-free lead-acid battery fixed electrolyte is the same oxygen composite principle, but due to different fixed electrolyte technology and different oxygen composite channel technologies, it can be divided into two types of lead-acid batteries, these two types For AGM [ABSORPITVE GLASS MET] technology and GL technology (colloid), it is also known as AGM batteries and colloidal batteries. These two types of batteries have excellent, currently in markets such as telecommunications, electricity, etc., are still dominated by AGM-free lead-acid storage batteries.

1. AGM technology uses AGM technology UPS batteries, and the AGM partition is used as a U-shaped cladding method (also S-shaped method can also be used). Characteristics of UPS battery cells using AGM technology: small internal resistance, absorbed electrolyte by ultrafine glass cotton chip, so that there is no electrolyte in the battery, the AGM partition has a porosity of 93%, and 10% of the pores As the O2 to the negative electrode replicate by the positive pole, the cycle of oxygen is achieved, and the purpose of the battery seal is achieved.

2. GEL technology (colloidal technology) Characteristics of colloidal battery: The internal resistance is large, and the electrolytic solution is absorbed by thixotropic SiO2 colloid, and the electrolyte does not flow. Composite channels with colloid microcrack O2. The colloidal battery is used in the early stage due to the colloid failed to form a large amount of microcrack, and the oxygen composite efficiency is low.

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