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Maintenance-free battery use misunderstanding

Maintenance-free battery use misunderstandingThe general battery life is 3 years, and it can be used for more than 5 years if maintained. The length of battery life is not just related to structural and quality, but also in less than usual use and maintenance. Many friends are paying attention to the appearance when they have an example for the car, and there is very little inspection of the battery, and there is a certain misunderstanding in the understanding.
The outer surface of the battery pole pile junction column has a corrosive thing that does not need to be treated, as long as it is not loose. The outer table has a corrosive, and the surface of the terminal will also occur, resulting in an increase in the resistance value, affecting normal charging and discharging of the battery, must be handled in time.
When using the maintenance-maintainable battery, it is simply believed that maintenance is not required. Over maintenance, it can reduce maintenance costs and number of times, but it is essential for cleaning on the appearance, so "Maintenance" is more than the inside of the battery.

When the liquid level is low, the electrolyte or add pure water, not the desired distilled water. If the electrolytic solution of sulfuric acid is added, the concentration of the internal electrolyte in the battery increases, and there may be boiling, acid mist, etc., which seriously affects the battery life of the battery; uses drinking pure water to use the distilled water, contain a variety of trace quantities in pure water , Have a negative impact on the battery.

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