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Introducing the use of the new forklift

Introducing the use of the new forkliftThe useful life of the new car or after the overhaul, the reliability of its operation, except for the quality of production and repair, has a close relationship with the accurate application and maintenance of the joint period. Therefore, the operation of the forklift is necessary to perform according to the rules of the joint period. The walking period is usually 50 hours of starting. During the joint period, the opening is 5 ~ 6 hours at an additional weight of 1/3, and then at an additional weight of 1/2 jobs, it will eventually be 3/4 homework at an additional weight 14 ~ 20 Hour. During the joint period, the engine must not be high-speed, and the speed limit device shall not be adjusted or removed, and the speed should be kept below 10km / h, according to the driving method and operational procedures. It should also be based on the time, the environment, the model, accurately select fuel and oil. When you are full, you should carefully clean the engine, drive the bridge, gearbox, stell and fuel tank, replace the light, severely press the oil pressure hydraulic oil. In addition, it is necessary to view the fastening conditions of each component, belt looseness, battery electrolyte liquid level, brake total pump liquid level, free travel of clutch pedal and brake pedal, etc. View the outstanding part of each part, can be used to enter.

1. Precautions for the use of new forklifts

The factory new forklift has passed the strict factory inspection. However, during the storage process, each component of the forklift may loosen and damage, so before using the inside and outside of the forklift, the following items are performed.

1 View the fastening of each mechanical coupling of the forklift, especially the steering system, wheel and tires, lifting tissue and other coupling bolts and locking equipment are not fastened and accurate.

2 View the pipelines and joints of the forklifts, loose and leakage, oil leakage. In particular, the hydraulic system and the bus brake's total pump, the wheel cylinder has no leakage sight.

3 Check the smooth condition of the forklift and engine or DC motor, and smooth the smooth point of the forklift, add oil, gear oil and light.

4 View the joints, lines, lighting, etc. of each electrical parts are not lacking and turning. Electrical appearance and horn, the light flame is not working properly, the liquid level height of the electrolyte of the battery is not a rule; the relative density of the electrolyte is not in line with the request.

5 View tire pressure is not compliant with rule requests, and the car tools and accessories are not complete. The new fork is used in the initial period, because the rough surface of the parts is not abundant, the shape and installation orientation still have a certain error, and the cooperative voids and smooth conditions will also have a gap, wear is large, relatively on the work temperature Little high.

2, request for the new forklift

1 The joint period of the new arator is 500km away, considering the truck without a routine, the joint period can also be 4 months or time 500h.

2 The motor parts of the engine cannot be normal due to cooperation, and the movement of each other cannot be normal, and the idle speed can be adjusted slightly, which can be 500 ~ 600R / min. Gasoline engine can adjust the oil adjustment of the oil; the diesel forklift should be prevented from operating at a speed of shaking.

3 Internal combustion should look at the quality and amount of engine oil in the engine and injectable pump. Oil can be replaced after the time of walking.

4 After the new fork is 30 hours, it should look at the torque converter, gearbox, power shift gearbox, drive bridge, brake drum, DC motor, etc., is not high heat and noise.

5 After the work is 250 hours, the cylinder head bolt and the front-rear wheel nut should be rotated once according to the rules and secondary.

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