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Importance and application analysis of backup power storage battery monitoring

Importance and application analysis of backup power storage battery monitoringThe battery is widely used as the most commonly used energy storage element to supply the DC load or AC load supply to DC load or AC load:

Electricity industry: re-power system, communication and lighting system, electricity management, distribution network automation;

Communication industry: Base station, access, and data center of mobile and fixed network communication:

Financial industry: Financial service network and data center, alternate power supply for the trading center;

Government and public sectors: alternate power supplies for military, police, security command centers and data centers;

Public facilities: school, hospital, library, TV station, radio, cable TV, subway spare power supply:

Aerospace: spare power of ground signal, radar, communication, navigation, etc.

Large processing enterprises: automotive manufacturers, food processing, medical production, beverage production, steel production, coal mine control center, data center and scheduling center;

All kinds of data centers: Internet and Internet of Things, large enterprise data centers, financial data centers, local and remote data backup centers;

In the real society, whether it is developing countries or developed countries, power-on events are inevitable, but for the above users, the power outage is an accident, the consequences it brings or a major economic loss and political loss, or It is a major legal responsibility. Here I gave some cases of accidents and accident loss statistics.

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